Farm Rustic Cottage

a comfortable room with rustic feel (Chalé)
2+2 pax (from 72 Eur*) 1 double bed + 1 new sofabed big water tank (renewed daily)

The Cottage, our farm jewel, is a rustical feel house, whithin the farm life, whithin free animals (Sheep, Geese, Pimpão, Tobias...), with private traditional water pool-tank (renewed daily), accessible through a tree boulevard. For four people, or small family,  with comfort. Has one space with large doublebed, with integrated kitchenette, and vintage shower (Solar heating or manual override). Livingroom with a NEW sofabed for two people, dinner table, TV, NET wifi (moderated use - rural area), long balcony ove the window. Goose, sheep and ducks pass by during the day, and ususlally say good morning. Near mainhouse through a courtyard. Can visit the watermill and other special places. UPDATE: Has new air conditioning, sofabed, and a swing!


Farm Eira House

rustic feel with a modern touch
2+2 pax (from 82 Eur*) 1 king bed + 1 sofa bed private pool above ground, minifarm

Eira is a refurbished rock based house, although integrated whithin the farm life, we've made a fenced perimetre for more privacy and animal's less interference.  With a private surface pool and minifarm, terrace, sunbathing, outside meal table. Ramped to first floor with balcony, large king bed, relax and table spots, shower bathroom. Groundfloor with sofabed livingroom, kitchen and dinnertable. Satellite TV, Internet Wifi Mobile (moderated use). Besides visiting our nature places, you can ride your bike at Tâmega Eco Track. UPDATE: New air conditioning, and a Swing!
curiosity: eira meaning is a place of storage, or vegetable treatment.


Panoramic Aurora House

perfect for pool refreshment
8+ pax (from 230 Eur*) 3 double bed + 2 single bed salt water pool, snooker, child swing

Panoramic House, "Aurora", is a generous modern housing, with three independent rooms, and one suite. Large exterior areas, with salted water pool, child swing, barbecue. Large livingroom with panoramic view over the mountain. Lower floor with Snooker room, exterior garden connection, kitchen and dinning room. Between our Farm and Requeixo Museum-House.


Limetree House

with river valley and waterfall
4+2 pax (from 92 Eur*) 1 king bed + 2 single bed + 1 sofa bed private pool, isolated, river waterfall

Limoeiros House, at Ribas, at top the moutain hill, with neverending view to the mountains. With valley beneath with riverstream, a special natural dam with cascade, barbecue, table and sunshade to enjoy. Large exteriors, isolated house, private surface pool, flat terrain surrounding the house. Has an openspace with kitchen, table, sofabed, a private corridor to shower bathroom, one room woth two single beds, and one large room with king size bed. Satellite TV, Wifi Internet (mobile, moderated use). Microwave, Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine. UPDATE: New steel pool. You can enjoy rive at valley private terrain, with live cascade, barbecue area, low depth water platforms, kiwi shadow and solar warm shower!!! 



Castle House * Arnóia

a traditional portuguese house
6+2* pax (from 220 Eur*) 1 double bed + 4 single bed (+1 sofa bed at saloon w/o shower) salted pool, castle view, football table, pingpong

Castle House, at Arnóia, integrated whithin historical centre, gives entry to Medieval Fair. Traditional portuguese style. Street groundfloor with porch, and lower terrain zone with salted pool and barbecue. Entrance through central dinning kitchen, left livingroom, right two connecting rooms (doublebed and two singular), sharing a bathroom. Independent Suite, entering through porch, with two single beds, and an equipped food support. Side with bar and football table. Lower with porch, tables, ping-pong, and saloon with sofabed, bar, machines, toilet room (*NEW* with Shower and equipped food support) and table games. On the same street: Supermarket, Restaurant, Interpretative Center, and Pedestrian Routes of the Route of the Romanesque.


Requeixo * Rustic Studio

a historical way of living
2+2 pax (from 75 Eur*) 1 double bed, 1 sofabed private pool

Invoking the past, the old-fashioned way, integrated in the Manor House Museum, you can relive history, with some convenience, but without electronics. Outside Modern toilets, one large room with double bed, sofabed, interior old-fashioned kitchen. Internet WiFi 4G on request (moderate use). Weir for baths, easy walking 300m, with tree shade and barbecue. And some delicious local cod pastries.  Private pool above ground, TV TDT, Microwave.  UPDATE:  New wooden floor (new photos pending). Enjoy and explore local Codcake Rural Trail


Requeixo * Caseiros

a small, historical traditional place
2+2 pax (from 75 Eur*) 1 double bed suite, 1 sofabec private pool

Invoking the past, the old fashioned way, flanked by a laundress tank, attached to the Manor House Museum (former caretaker small house). You can relive history, with comfort, but without electronics. Modern toilets, small dining room, porch, old-fashioned kitchen. Internet Wifi 4G by request (availability depending, moderate use). Weir for baths, at 300m, with tree shading and barbecue. And some delicious local cod pastries.  Guests don't cross each other. Private Pool above ground, TV TDT, Air Conditioning NEW: recently upgraded with ceramic floor, insulated roof, and interior access. You can explore natural spaces from our Codcake Rural Trail.


Lavoura Watermill * Barrega

living at traditional rivermill
2+1+ pax (from 70 Eur*) 1 sofabed + 2 individual sofabeds pool-tank

Lavoura Watermilll at Barrega, recently refurbished. We recovered the gears, replaced some with new ones. The outer vertical wheel is functional, depending on the strength of the stream, and at some special time to grind some corn. In general for visits, exhibition, and also serves as Local Accommodation (high season).


Bridge Vessada House

peaceful and relaxing rural water (corn field)
4+2 (from 95 Eur*) 1 doublebed , 2 singles, 1 sofabed around 100 m2

Bridge Vessada House, is an exclusive private house, for 4+2 people, integrated in nature. Generous corn farm field, big trees, Veade River, and little beachriver with dam. Two large bedrooms (double-bed and two singlebed), two bathrooms (one with disabled mobility features*), living-room with sofabed for two people. Near our farm, with organic products and animals.


Valadares * Ocean Beach House

private, quiet and peacefull beach, few tourism
2+2+1** (from 85 Eur*) 1 king bed + 1 sofa bed (**+1 extra) children pool, at 100 meters to the ocean, sport track, surfing, safe zone

Beach house, further north, Valadares - Vila Nova de Gaia, close to Oporto. Quiet, safe area with few tourism. At 100 meters from the beach. Generous terrain, splitted in half. Independent access. Single storey house with large porch, large living room with kitchen, sofa bed (and foldable bed). Has children pool!!! You can enlarge or add to the wooden house, in Micro-Camping mode.


Surf and Country * Couto House

near Aguçadoura Beach, Póvoa de Varzim - Navais
2+2+* pax (from 55 Eur*) 2 single beds, 1 sofabed isolated quiet house, near beach

Couto Country House was recovered, in the middle of nature, near to Aguçadoura and Estela Beach (surf and windsurf). Recently installed mezanine, now can have four people (two single beds, one sofabed. Quiet, secluded location. Equipped with modern comfort. Fresh due to rock walls (no air conditioning). Generous balcony for meals and fun. TV TDT flat LED. Internet Wifi Mobile by request (moderated use, rural area). Junqueiras Windmills halfway to the beach, and local shops close by. 5.000 m2 terrain with biological plantation of pine trees, can also support Surf Camp if neeeded. We also support Santiago pilgrims. It's on recessed generous terrain which can also support tents, near the growing trees. At Póvoa de Varzim city entrance you can explore city park design by Sidónio de Pardal Arch, with nature roots and respect. It's a great spot.... One of the Best Surf spot in the north of Portugal!


Tea & Solar Terrace

chá e dos fornos solares

We have a spacious terrace for tea, with excellent exposure to solar cooking.
View over Lavoura da Bouça, next to the apple trees and the rare "Robinia" pseudoacacia tree, the false acacia.


Requeixo * Museum

a historical testimony of portuguese housing
few people visit upper floor for museum visits

Manor-Museum House, traditional, restored to original period time including interior furniture, colours, frozen in time. Upper floor for visits, showing life as it was, portrayed through furniture. Subtle improvement with simple washrooms (for contemporary hygiene). Exterior with vines, water tank, large tree sunshade, and 300 meters to a natural weir, picnic sunshade and delicious cod cake. Includes lower Saloon and exterior Caseiros for tourism renting. Also available for film-making, TV shows, events, and other.


Our Farm

rural portuguese, authentic sensing
fruit trees, loose animals, buda's lake and geese

"Lavoura da Bouça - Fruta Bio" (former Quinta - learn more here) integrates in its green spaces, organic farming, large and medium trees, fruit, with fresh shade and a relaxing sound. Access through Rua Sampaio, on the side a support annex, in the center Casa-Maior, a farmhouse and Chalé House. Spaces with tables, dry composting toilet, ecological methods, solar panels. Halfway, access to Casa da Eira, private. A Boulevard through the Azel Trees reaching Chalet's private tank. Waling a bit more, find our loose animals (sheep, geese, the guardian dog Pimpão, the playful Tobias, ...), the Buda lake, and other trails to explore. You can microcamp here, in wild-like sytle. We make a "Bio Apple Juice" very tasty !!!