“Lavoura da Bouça – Fruta Bio” (former Quinta – learn more here) integrates in its green spaces, organic farming, large and medium trees, fruit, with fresh shade and a relaxing sound. Access through Rua Sampaio, on the side a support annex, in the center Casa-Maior, a farmhouse and Chalé House. Spaces with tables, dry composting toilet, ecological methods, solar panels. Halfway, access to Casa da Eira, private. A Boulevard through the Azel Trees reaching Chalet’s private tank. Waling a bit more, find our loose animals (sheep, geese, the guardian dog Pimpão, the playful Tobias, …), the Buda lake, and other trails to explore. You can microcamp here, in wild-like sytle. We make a “Bio Apple Juice” very tasty !!!