The Cottage, our farm jewel, is a rustical feel house, whithin the farm life, whithin free animals (Sheep, Geese, Pimpão, Tobias…), with private traditional water pool-tank (renewed daily), accessible through a tree boulevard. For four people, or small family,  with comfort. Has one space with large doublebed, with integrated kitchenette, and vintage shower (Solar heating or manual override). Livingroom with a NEW sofabed for two people, dinner table, TV, NET wifi (moderated use – rural area), long balcony ove the window. Near mainhouse through a courtyard. Can visit the watermill and other special places. Note: Seasonal Pool-Tank from June to September (other months ask first). You can enjoy the Solar Terrace, with furniture, small pool, solar ovens.
UPDATE: Has new air conditioning, sofabed, and a swing!

Goose, sheep and ducks pass by during the day, and ususally say “good morning”!!! 🙂