What a magical little spot amongst the kiwi vines and lemon groves! (Kiwis MicroCamping and Caravan)

Casa do Castelo* Foi muito bom caminhar e explorar os Percursos Pedestres, Ciclar na EcoPista do Tâmega, e mergulhar na Piscina de Água Salgada. Gostei do estilo tradicional português, e das refeições caseiras do Restaurante lá perto. Amarante também é muito bonito!!! // PT 2020-07

José M. Esteves * Portugal

Casa Requeixo * Apreciei o carácter histórico da casa. O voltar às raízes da minha infância. Conseguiram eternizar uma época, o espaço, o mobiliário, original Adaptando algumas necessidades modernas. A caminho, a pé, um Açude de sombra refrescante, e uns deliciosos pastéis de bacalhau. Sossegado, óptimo para abstrair da actual pandemia. // PT 2020-08

Marilia * Portugal

Kiwis MicroCampismo * Divertimo-nos muito junto do Rio e lago da Cascata! O churrasco deu mesmo jeito para os grelhados!!! Tem pequenos lagos para molhar os pés, ideal para crianças!  É seguro, em propriedade privada, vedado, mas convém estar sempre de olho nas crianças! // PT 2020-07

Catarina Castanheira * Portugal

Cottage Farm * Being here feels like a journey to rediscover the rural Portugal, in authentic (free) form, without excessive modern refinements. We’ve felt remembering our own childhood, when we’ve visited our origins. The first impression is of warmth, received with sympathy, invited to share the family lifestyle. Received with joy, a homemade 100% apple juice bottle, and some treats from the farm. You are welcome to enjoy how a traditional biological farm actually works, within the animals (gooses, chickens, sheeps, dogs, cats…), several trees species, mixed with the love for rural vernacular architecture, vintage cars. Mr Junqueira is passionate about rural buildings, with some history. He’s a unique person, with a good taste for architecture, investing in places, restoring them, giving them new life, with extreme care and sensitivity, avoiding too much modern contamination. Overall he tries to make some sense, and with details such as refurbishing old woodem planks into doors, oldstyle electricity switches, sanitary equipment, balconys, windows types (…), to resemble or just be the ones there were on the original construction date. Allowing the building to be as it was, like a small-museum, keeping the memory alive. One thing I would like to enhance is local economic philosophy, both Mr and Mrs Junqueira contribute to the local economy, which i found a plus, and a good attitude to have. Mrs Aurora is a woman of caring, joyfull, and farm dedicated. Very delightfull presence and candour. I’ve been searching for dwellings that keep the soul of the place, and I was amused by this. It’s pure, it is what it is. Don’t expect “polished” refurbished building that actually feel “new”, deleting all sense of “original” vintage, out of context. We have a baby of 4 month, and a 3 year old child. We’ve chosen this place to allow our kids to be part of the farm initially, but returned experience was indeed much more than that. Our child was quickly freely enjoying the outside (with security and eye-on), jumping around, falling a lot, almost eating dirt, chasing outsider gooses (scaring them??), feeding chicken and Violet the dog with Mrs Aurora. Tooking some apples from the tree. Learning to be in the field, mixed with everything. Our kid was truly happy! I believe with time, here you can also learn how to make the refreshing homemade apple juice; learn a bit how to culture bio agriculture, besides enjoying the place. There is a lot more to tell about the experience, but one thing is certain: Don’t expect perfect modern style, (re)stuffed into a “rustic” place. You will get your feet blessed with some dirt. You will get pleasured by the nearby tide-driven mill with relaxing spots. You will enjoy quiet nearby river beach, and surrounding cities. You will enjoy Vino Verde. You will enjoy the tree density, the free gooses passing by your doorstep. You will love the earth-connection. Even the house tips and tricks you’ll enjoy them. // PT 2018.08

Hugo Nascimento * Lisbon, Portugal

Watermill * We had such a great time at the water mill! everything around was so magical, the river, the green, the sound of the water all night… Jose has given thought to all the small details that will make you feel great. he even took us for a great simple dinner with great local wine (very cheap by the way). Jose can also give good idea of things to do around. if you are not into non-electrisity, no runing water- jose is also offering very beautiful rooms highly highly recomended, we already wish to come back… Thanks a lot Jose and Aurora. // ISR 2018.08


Maison Eira * Accueil Très chaleureux de José et Aurora, toujours soucieux du bien être de leurs voyageurs. Logement très propre et très bien équipé. Emplacement unique et très joli. De plus, cadeau de bienvenue avec leur jus de pomme bio et leurs confitures qui étaient très très bons! Je recommande vivement. //2019.08

Romane * Angoulême, França

Panoramic House * …was clean, spacious and comfortable, it had all the amenities a family would need. The location was absolutely breathtaking, with plenty to do around but equally quiet and peaceful. // UK 2019.08

Viktoria * United Kingdom

Valadares Casa de Playa * Todo en sí es maravilloso. Los anfitriones más amables no pudieron ser. Nos trajeron frutos ecológicos, mermeladas y zumos hechos por ellos mismos. Unas personas realmente bonitas.
La limpieza de la casa, la ubicación, la comodidad de las camas, la cocina, y sobre todo el amplio jardín de cara al mar donde mis perris disfrutaron de lo lindo. Ver los atardeceres desde la terraza es todo un lujo.
Sin duda repetiría con los ojos cerrados // ES 2020.07

Lourdes * España

Casa dos Limoeiros * El espectacular entorno natural/rural, las vistas y la instalación en general donde no faltaba nada de lo anunciado y la amabilidad de José que nos recibió con obsequios de fruta y productos BIO de su propia producción y nos dio buenos consejos de lugares a visitar y también nos mostró su Quinta da Bouca y su molino donde también aloja huéspedes. // ES 2019.08

Ricardo * España