Celorico de Basto

We are also at Valadares Beach (Vila Nova de Gaia), and Póvoa de Varzim (Navais)

Rural Housing

we love to make you feel at home, at family

"Inhabit Nature" motto, mostly in isolated and autonomous housing, and singularities of "camping" at Rivermill, or Micro-Camping on private land. Houses are indenpendent, private, with a Private Pool, or Private Tank, and / or River small dam. For a light walk and to explore heritage we have the “Codcake Trail”* Rural Trail, and at Fermil a River Beach.


Micro Camping and Motorhome

nature habitat, as a wild statement

MICRO-CAMPING mode, on private land, for true nature lovers:

  • RIVERMILL at Lavoura, a living habitat, with integrated NATURE at Bouro River (Veade), "pure", to sleep inside the Mill, above river water. Natural shower, from water river. No Electricity. (max. 2 pax)
  • RIVERMILL CAMPING at Lavoura, close by rivermill, flat green area, pure, with natural shower, for small tents. No electricity.
  • REQUEIXO * Caravan, at Celorico de Basto, for sleepover or Motorhome support.
  • "KIWIS" terrain at em Ribas, for tents and small motorhomes, with cascade, lake, electricity, barbecue. Private and Exclusive.

MOTORHOME mode, as support or longer stays. Private land, for true nature lovers:


Organic Products

enjoy our apple juice!

We prepare in certified organic production mode, with apples as the main product and its by-products, being best known for our tasty 100% Organic Apple Juice. We sell apple varieties throughout the annual maturation (São João, São Tiago, Prima, Pipo de Basto, Bravo, Reineta, Querina, Verdial, Granny Smith, Porta-da-Loja, and Malápio). Also sun-dried apples, dried lupins, lemons, creams with wild fruits and apples, applesauce or chestnuts, conventional lemon jam. Red green wine of 2019. We have animals running freely on the farm (most of the time), churras do minho sheep, to regional chickens, and geese. All pleasant and safe. Applejuice is pressed apples, pasteurized in bottle, no added sugars or other substances, fully natural.


We recommend

our own lifestyle, and outside suggestions

Whithin our way of life, we have over the year apple and wine catching, preparing small local trails, with refurbished waterpounds with small cascades, barbecue areas, shading. Also can provide Yoga, or suggest to outside activities. And delicious traditional cod cakes.
We love to show what we do best, so we’ve connected with partners and suggest some daily-guides to you: Tâmega Eco Trail from Arco-de-Baulhe to Amarante; Wine tasting with partner; Tapas with local taverns; Romanic Architecture Patrimony; Sailing; Radical sports, and much more!


Visit the North

explore the wonders of north and baixo tâmega

Baixo Tâmega presents two very distinct realities: the Terras de Basto, a transition zone between the Minho coast and the lands of Trás-os-Montes, encompassing the three northernmost counties, and the lands marked by the two rivers that cross them, Rio Douro and the Tâmega River. These two realities are also marked by the embedded valleys where the respective rivers flow, factors of opposition and, simultaneously, of unity between the different municipalities, by the mountain complex Alvão / Marão / Aboboreira.
Located at interior north centre, it's easy to go to Oporto, Braga, Guimarães, Gerês, and many more.
Also explore our Verde Sentido partner and Vinho Verde delights.

Visit Celorico de Basto

About us

the wonders of our countryside

Our farm is a singular experience, with certified organic production farming, at four acre terrain, with apple as main product, and it's derivates (mostly known by our tasty applejuice). We enjoy solar ovens, friendly environment solutions, and like to preserve real-estate and natural patrimony. We’ve been preparing natural environments for you! The national brand "Lavoura da Bouça - Fruta Bio" was recently approved. We will go with time, make the transition from "Quinta da Bouça".

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