Portugal Rally 2021
Paredes, Lousada, Amarante e Felgueiras

JOSÉ ROCHA, 25-03-2021, Jornal “A Verdade” (link)

Portugal Rally 2021 will pass through the municipalities of Paredes, Lousada, Amarante and Felgueiras next May. The information was announced by the organization of the Prougese World Rally Championship (WRC) event, the Automóvel Clube de Portugal.

On the 20th, a thursday, the shakedown takes place in Paredes. The trip to Lousada is scheduled for the late afternoon of the following day. This is the special at the Lousada Eurocircuit, which is scheduled to pass at 7:03 pm, marking the end of the first day of the race.

On Saturday, May 22, the rally passes through Amarante at 10:24 am, with the second passage scheduled for 4:54 pm. The regulations published this Wednesday, March 24th, reveal that the Amarante section will be the longest of the race, at 37.9 kilometers.

On Sunday, it will be Felgueiras’ turn to host the Rally de Portugal, with the first passage scheduled for 7:08 am and the second for 9:56 am. The race will continue from Felgueiras towards the mythical sections of Fafe.

Scheduled itinerary for the Rally of Portugal:

Friday, 21th May
PEC 1 Lousã 1 (12,35km) – 08h08
PEC 2 Góis 1 (19,51km) – 09h08
PEC 3 Arganil 1 (18,82km) – 10h08
PEC 4 Lousã 2 (12,35km) – 12h31
PEC 5 Góis 2 (19,51km) – 13h31
PEC 6 Arganil 2 (18,82km) – 14h31
PEC 7 Mortágua (18,16km) – 15h58
PEC 8 Super-especial Lousada (3,36km) – 19h03

Saturday, 22nd May
PEC 9 Vieira do Minho 1 (20,64km) – 08h08
PEC 10 Cabeceiras de Basto 1 (22,37km) – 09h08
PEC 11 Amarante 1 (37,92km) – 10h24
PEC 12 Vieira do Minho 2 (20,64km) – 14h38
PEC 13 Cabeceiras de Basto 2 (22,37km) – 15h38
PEC 14 Amarante 2 (37,92km) – 16h54
PEC 15 Super-especial Porto Foz (3,30km) – 19h03

Sunday, 23rd May
PEC 16 Felgueiras 1 (9,18km) – 07h08
PEC 17 Montim 1 (8,75km) – 07h53
PEC 18 Fafe 1 (11,18km) – 08h30
PEC 19 Felgueiras 2 (9,18km) – 09h56
PEC 20 Montim 2 (8,75km) – 10h41
PEC 21 Fafe 2/Power Stage (11,18km) – 12h18

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Algumas das nossas fotografias no ponto ZE25 em Cabeceiras de Basto:

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