We have private properties, with the option of Handcraft Microcampism, a concept of being connected to Nature, disconnected from Technology and other comforts. Something “wild” but with minimal conditions, where the objective is exclusive contact with Nature, for true connoisseurs. Ecological spirit and protecting the environment.


– “Wild” or “off-grid” philosophy.
– For overnight stays. Cook to avoid. Take-away or eating out. (we are guiding fire safe zone)
– For true nature lovers and caregivers.
– Limited to a few people, with leave.
– Tent to bring by the Camper.
– Portable Internet (on request).
– Possible parking (few places).
– Camping accessories to be brought by the Camper.
– Cleaning, maintenance, as a good camper, taking care and leaving as you found it.
– Quiet area and in private property. With gate.
– Mine water, in hose.
– Electricity (moderate use).
– Flat, sunny, grassy area.
– Shared Annex with Dry Toilet and Hot water shower.
– Portable tables and chairs.
– No TV.
– No luxuries.