Handcraft microcamping concept, for true campers, “wild-like” camping. Shower under the river normal temperature, bathe at large weir water. Have a meal with your feet sensing dipped in the river. Unplug from modern ways, return to older ways. No Internet (or by request). No Electricity (maybe in future some ecological alternative). No TV. Support Annex (Dry Toilet, Food preparation). Just you, your friends, and Nature. Unplug and have fun. Can visit the Farm (use the internet or power to charge). Children preferably over 12y or high children vigilance. We do not responsabilize for accidents. Rates per people, pack, or budget. Perfect for Yoga too!!!

We have private properties, with the option of Handcrafted Microcampism, a concept of being connected to Nature, disconnected from Technology and other comforts. Something “wild” but with minimal conditions, where the objective is exclusive contact with Nature, for true connoisseurs. Ecological spirit and protecting the environment.

– “Wild” or “off-grid” philosophy.
– For true nature lovers and caregivers.
– Tent to bring by the Camper.
– Dry Composting Toilet.
– Portable Internet (on request).
– Possible parking (few places).
– Camping accessories to be brought by the Camper.
– Cleaning, maintenance, as a good camper, taking care and leaving as you found it.
– Children require vigilance. At the adult’s discretion. We are not responsible.

– For having access through private property, when renting it would be exclusively on the natural space.
– We avoid bringing many people together. We want exclusivity. Limited to one group per appointment.
– Quiet area and in private property. With gate.
– Located in a deep valley, in Ribas, Celorico de Basto.
– Paved steep descent.
– 300m shade extension for tents under the Kiwis
– 20L sun heating shower.
– Mine water, fresh.
– Table and Fixed Barbecue, with tree shade.
– Trout lake.
– River with several terraces, of different depths.
– River with deeper lake for light diving, next to a small waterfall.
– Electricity (moderate use, on request, to charge tlm, will not be used for tents, for now).

MILL (camping)
– Quiet area and in limited property.
– Flanked by river, and with generous weir for bathing.
– Located near our Quinta.
– Flat, sunny, grassy area.
– Drinking water from the Quinta, with bottles.
– Shower attached to the mill, discreet, at the temperature of the river water.
– Annex with dry toilet, and support for preparing meals.
– Portable tables and chairs. Portable barbecue.
– No Electricity (if necessary you can use the Quinta’s).
– We prefer not to accept children. However, at the adult’s discretion. We are not responsible.

MILL (inhabit the mill)
– For true nature lovers.
– For those used to pure camping, “wild”, “off-grid” type, without perks.
– Potential of the experiences, to eat with feet of soak on the river bed; bath in the pool type weir; hammoks, local rail; visit the farm, and more!
– Although we prefer to rent to adults, as there is no protection fence, the responsibility to bring children lies with the corresponding adult. We don’t have accident insurance.
– The interior, in wood, sleep on the rotation system.
– Mezzanine in double bed.
– Sleeping with the sound of running river water (low flow – we close the penstock).
– Mosquito net (new).
– No Electricity.
– No TV.
– No luxuries.
– Shower in river water, in a bucket that accumulates water, outside. River temperature, although the metal bucket can get a little hot.
– Shared Annex with dry composting toilet, and meal preparation support, located in the flat area of ​​micro camping. (you have to cross a wooden walkway).
– Wooden platform on the terrace.
– Pointed Hammok, Tripod with hammok swing.
– Tables, chairs, barbecue.