Following our nature passion, we dedicate Valadares private terrain for Motorhome parking and support, combined with small wooden house, caravan, and space for tents. It’s all very casual, ocasional, exclusive. We try to have one spot available at the time. It’s 100 meters near the beach, few people. Very private.

Located 15 minutes from Oporto, at Valadares – Vila Nova de Gaia. Quiet, safe area with few tourismIndependent gate access. Shares half terrain with Beach House, and distant enough to keep privacy in place, splitted with rock wall.

At Celorico de Basto, one hour from Valadares, in rural mode, we have other microcamping sites. For motorhome, tent, or other.
Find out more here: Micro Camping and Caravan


Integrated in generous land near Valadares beach, overnight for motorhome, with water point, electricity, dry toilet.


  • Hot Shower (Please call us first, 1 or more days before, requires previous warming/plugging on)
  • No fire allowed. Use interior van for cooking.
  • Eco Dry Toilet
  • We have exterior table and two chairs if needed
  • Water hose, one point connection
  • Exclusive Access, Private. It’s second green gate.
  • Not known spot for general public. NEW
  • We only book for 1 or 2 reservations. Few people. We like to keep privacy/ esclusivity.
  • Ocasionally can have one or two tents, caravan or wooden little house occupied.
  • Location: Rua Caetano Remeão, n. 419A – NORTH GATE (not the house), 4405-537 Valadares, V. N. Gaia
  • Google Maps:

To know/ be aware:

  • Warn us before, at least 1 day, if warm water is required.
  • Warn us before, for availability also.
  • We don’t accept if it’s raining. Wet land.
  • Best for under 5~5.5m length vans. Smaller Ones.
  • Not recommended for 6m+ vans. Doesn’t fit.
  • We help with portable ramps, and manoeuvres whithin road access (check photos).
  • Requires driver’s skill, and we help with ramps.
  • Better to keep van inside as long as possible. Avoid in/out often.
  • Local bike rental
  • We are glad to help with what you need / and whithin our reach.
  • No Internet
  • Pets are welcome.
  • Public Transportation, BUS nearby, and for pets required a transportation basket.
  • Cab, or Uber, not so easy to reach.
  • At Afurada you have the fish!
  • Small grocery shop “Mercado da Fatinha”, oldschool, only closes Sundays after lunch. It’s on main cross for highway direction. Near a local great Restaurant “Café da Praia”.
  • Other Restaurants, Italian, Pizza, “S. Martino”
  • Bigger supermarket up north.


Other places

  • Motorhome * Farm, with 4 acres, animals are loose, organic products, one or two spots. Celorico de Basto.
  • Motorhome * Ribas, near our Farm, one or two spots. Requires 1 day pre-schedule. Celorico de Basto.