Take a break from your trip, taste our organic products, explore the local trail, bathe in the river or in the kiwi cascade in Ribas. We invite you to stay overnight, or for longer stay, contact us.

  • Exclusive access to nature.
  • We usually request a first meeting at our Farm (location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/3kufauzSQpa5FZiv6), where we present the various locations for motorhomes.
  • Due to high slope street access/ turnabout for experience drivers, will be more suitable for experienced drivers and smaller vans. However, we have support if necessary.
  • We have more spaces available: at Farm, Requeixo, Ribas, and/or Valadares (V.N.Gaia – Porto).
  • Important: Low Season without electricity. Shower not always works.

Note: In general it should be for motorhomes of the blue van example, for most terrains. For larger ones, only Requeixo, or one or another space in Lavoura da Bouça, next to Armazém dos patos.

We have spaces available in the Quinta, in Requeixo, Ribas, and/ or Valadares (V.N.Gaia – Porto)


Magical place, with private access and exclusive stay to the river, waterfall, shaded spaces and picnic.

  • Solar shower, if working.
    Nota: Warm up only if climate is favorable. Connected to natural water stream, sometimes requires more water to run longer and unclog. Not always works.
  • Barbecue facilities.
  • Picnic table wood.
  • Shade from trees and 300m of low height kiwis.
  • Electrical supply, one point. Inside annex, with refrigerator for food. Ask for keys before.
    Electrical for small devices only.
    Electricity not suitable for charging electric cars.
  • Water supply, one point.
  • Dry toilet (ecological). Open through a pull cable near lock.
  • Exterior Lighting: switch inside the dry toilet, near top.
  • Cascade and small lake, rock based (private terrain access).
  • Low depth river, to heel height, great for kids (left side access, semi-privado).
  • Exclusive Access, Private.
  • Not known spot for general public. NEW
  • We only book for 1 or 2 reservations, each time. Few people.
  • Location below our “Casa dos Limoeiros/ Limetree House”: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Q3R1kZ3f3jCh2mNu7
  • Casa dos Limoeiros, if available, can park the van, and enjoy the land also.
  • Can pick up kiwis or lemons, some, for self-consumption.



from Kathryn:

What a magical little spot amongst the kiwi vines and lemon groves!

I was a bit nervous about the steep slope down to the spot beside the waterfall, so the hosts let me stay on the driveway of one of their other properties just at the top of the bank. It was a beautiful, quiet spot looking right out over the lemon groves towards the mountains in the distance. The sunrise was incredible and the hosts let me pick as many lemons as I wanted, so I made a delicious, fresh lemon cake in the van. The waterfall has a pool deep enough to swim and having this tranquil spot all to myself felt very surreal. There’s a small café/village shop about a mile away and the hosts themselves sell a small amount of their own olive oil, apple cider vinegar, jams and other items. The hosts also showed me an old roman bridge with an abandoned hut that dates back thousands of years as well as the beautiful village church that plays hymns that echo down through the valley. I had the most amazing, relaxing time here but I wouldn’t recommend this spot to big vans because the slope down is not only very steep but also has a sharp bend at the bottom, so it wouldn’t be possible to get a run up and may be very challenging for larger, heavier vehicles to get back up. But do chat to the hosts and see if they have any other suitable spots. They own many properties and beautiful pieces of land in the area.

Review Kathryn (CampSpace)  5*****

from Oliver Balch:

Other places

  • Motorhome * Farm, with 4 acres, animals are loose, organic products, one or two spots.