At Bouro river valley (veade), we’ve recovered the river, and made a secret place. An exclusive way to be with Nature all for your own. Handcraft microcamping concept, “wild-like” camping. Only access through the private property, with gate. Partial river below has more public access. Full 300 meters length ok Kiwi’s shade for small to medium low height tents. Trout lake with shaded table, barbecue. Perfect for a family get-a-way. Children must be watched all times, although it’s mostly fenced. River has depth diversity. Larger lake with cascade (not for small kids). Dry Toilet (ecological). UPDATE: We have electricity! And night lights near the support annex!!

We have private properties, with the option of Handcrafted Microcampism, a concept of being connected to Nature, disconnected from Technology and other comforts. Something “wild” but with minimal conditions, where the objective is exclusive contact with Nature, for true connoisseurs. Ecological spirit and protecting the environment.

What a magical little spot amongst the kiwi vines and lemon groves!

I was a bit nervous about the steep slope down to the spot beside the waterfall, so the hosts let me stay on the driveway of one of their other properties just at the top of the bank. It was a beautiful, quiet spot looking right out over the lemon groves towards the mountains in the distance. The sunrise was incredible and the hosts let me pick as many lemons as I wanted, so I made a delicious, fresh lemon cake in the van. The waterfall has a pool deep enough to swim and having this tranquil spot all to myself felt very surreal. There’s a small café/village shop about a mile away and the hosts themselves sell a small amount of their own olive oil, apple cider vinegar, jams and other items. The hosts also showed me an old roman bridge with an abandoned hut that dates back thousands of years as well as the beautiful village church that plays hymns that echo down through the valley. I had the most amazing, relaxing time here but I wouldn’t recommend this spot to big vans because the slope down is not only very steep but also has a sharp bend at the bottom, so it wouldn’t be possible to get a run up and may be very challenging for larger, heavier vehicles to get back up. But do chat to the hosts and see if they have any other suitable spots. They own many properties and beautiful pieces of land in the area.

Review Kathryn (CampSpace)  5*****

Oliver Balch and family, visit:

De Haan, Belgium scouts:


  • “Wild” or “off-grid” philosophy.
  • For true nature lovers and caregivers.
  • Tent to bring by the Camper.
  • Dry Composting Toilet. (there’s a pull cable to open, near lock)
  • Portable Internet (on request, if available).
  • Possible parking (few places).
  • Camping accessories to be brought by the Camper.
  • Cleaning, maintenance, as a good camper, taking care and leaving as you found it.
  • Children require vigilance. At the adult’s discretion. We are not responsible.


  • Location:
  • Same day reservations only if possible. Caravan not recommended.
  • For having access through private property, when renting it would be exclusively on the natural space.
  • We avoid bringing many people together. We want exclusivity. Limited to one group per appointment.
  • Quiet area and in private property. With gate.
  • Located in a deep valley, in Ribas, Celorico de Basto.
  • Paved steep descent.
  • 300m shade extension for tents under the Kiwis
  • 20L sun heating shower. If working. Due to natural stream connection, not always works.
    Note: Solar shower is directly connected to stream. Sometimes dirt clogs, and requires more time to be able to run. Warm water only if climate allows it.
  • Mine water, fresh.
  • Table and Fixed Barbecue, with tree shade.
  • Trout lake.
  • River with several terraces, of different depths.
  • River with deeper lake for light diving, next to a small waterfall.
  • Electricity (moderate use, on request, to charge tlm, will not be used for tents, for now).
    Fridge and electrical needs key. If needed ask us before.
    Electrical for small devices only.
    Electricity not suitable for charging electric cars.
  • Exterior Light turns on inside dry toilet, plug near ceiling.
  • Cold storage (high season only)
  • Important: Low Season without shower or electricity. Only dry toilet, barbecue, private nature.
  • Lemons only at our property above, if not guests present. If available. Or some, for self-consumption.