Caravan * Requeixo, “Le Cottage” model, by Willerby Holiday Homes Ltd, with 7.8 x 3 meters, installed on the land of Requeixo, in a support area for AutoCaravan, you can relax after a long journey, refresh. Now with large area shade!!! Taste our organic products, explore the local trail, bathe in the river or in the kiwifruit waterfall in Ribas. NEW: Portable Air Conditioning.

Location: Rua de Melhorado, 472, after noble farm.

On the sweet lupine plantation near the warehouse. Support with water point, electricity. Nearby weir for swimming in the river, with oak shade for a picnic.

  • Allows occupancy of around two more children, on the sofa or mattress (to be agreed)
  • Wifi 4G Hotspot, mobile internet type, on request, if available, reduced speed, moderate usage.
  • Animals are on our farm, nearby.
  • On our farm, organic products on our farm, apples, juice, others.
  • River bath, like a dam, and pastels, nearby in Requeixo.
  • River beach, with waterfall, in Fermil de Basto. Same, in Ribas, our land with private access to river and waterfall and barbecue.
  • Municipal swimming pool in Celorico.
  • Aquatic Park in Amarante.
  • House-Museum, visit, to be arranged, 5 eur/person
  • New: portable air conditioning.

Can also enjoy our Farm, Requeixo well with river water, our rivermill, and more. River beaches, other rivermills, our Organic Products, enjoy sheeps and geese running freely over our farm.

And why yes, ask for a solar oven demonstration!!!