We are José & Aurora Junqueira, your hosts.

We are a local, homely family, with a passion for nature, organic farming, pleasures of traditional lands, ancient knowledge, vintage cars, sustainable solar methods (solar oven), and mills! We like to help others, and we have been, over time, rehabilitating traditional real estate and natural heritage, within our means. We live with Nature!

We like to welcome people, who feel at home, with family, who are part of our lifestyle. We have spaces however, with maximum privacy!

The farm is a singular unique experience, with Trees, Geese, Sheep, Chickens and our Pimpão and Tobias; we have a plot of 4 acres with agriculture in certified organic production mode, with bio apples and by-products as the main product, being best known for our tasty 100% Organic Apple Juice. Our main focus and activity is with Local Housing, with properties diversity and lotation

We are very proud of our land, and of our name “Quinta da Bouça”. It has been a challenge to distinguish a specific name, given the variety of National Local Accommodation with similar names. We try to distinguish by the suffix “Fruta Bio”, for which we are best known, for the tasty apples!

We have a varied and valuable collection of old varieties of fruit trees, apple and pear trees etc., endangered sheep breed, Churra do Minho, mountain variant, and breeds of Portuguese chickens and free geese by the property. Which are the children’s delight. In addition to the cat and the pure Transmontano cattle dog.
We always bet on what is Portuguese, local and with proven adaptation and taste of the products. Much appreciated by always loyal consumers, especially in Markets., Or Shops. Our varieties of regional fruits in Bio are tasty and rare to find for sale.

In the face of modern times we wanted to register the brand, however there are many farms with similar names. We had to exchange Quinta for Lavoura, which by virtue even happened well. Did you know that “Lavoura” was the name given to “Quintas” in the past? Or lavoeiras, in common slang. Thus, in 2020, we managed to register the brand “Lavoura da Bouça – Fruta Bio”, active since the 6th of July, as National Brand No. 635574, under dispatch INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property. Nice Class Activities intended (agriculture, organic production, juices, and local accommodation).

You can enjoy our variety in Local Accommodation, between Rural, Contemporary and Ocean, being able to choose: Cottage (Chalé), Eira House, Rodizio Mill in Glamping mode, Panoramic Aurora House, Limoeiros House in Ribas, Castle House in Arnóia, Beach House in Valadares – V.N. Gaia, and recently Couto Country and Surf House at Navais – Póvoa de Varzim. Museum-House at Requeixo (for visits and lodging) and this year’s novelty: MicroCamping. All houses have a swimming pool, or waterdam, or some element of water to cool off. Privacy is premium, cleaning quality also!

We appreciate nature, and safeguard the local natural heritage. You can enjoy the Bouro River (Veade), the dams that we prepare with bathing and barbecue areas, and other local experiences. Enjoy and visit our Casa-Museu de Requeixo, as a trip to national residential history – to be scheduled.

We are especially fond of Rural and Portuguese Tradition, from musical groups (Cavaquinhos de Arnóia, Bombos da Quinta), to old farming practices, when working with wood, and ceramic (with Erre Cerâmica), and of course, our passion for the Mills! We also have windmills in Póvoa do Varzim – although they are currently under rehabilitation.

We are adept at sustainable strategies, for energy and water heating with solar panels, cooking with solar ovens, and old hygienic methods, such as the dry toilet, and other comfort modes without harming nature.

We are mainly located at Rua de Sampaio, 170, Lugar de Vila Nova – Corgo, 4890-182 Celorico de Basto (bit.ly/boucamap), at Baixo Tâmega region, but we travel weekly to Oporto to sell organic products at Oporto City Park, Saturday mornings, Aldoar rural center – at his own stand or at Isabel Teixeira’s stand.

Most of the Local Accommodation is very close to the Quinta, except Castle House at Arnóia, and Beach House at Valadares, V.N. Gaia. We have at your disposal activities related to the farm, and / or with our partners.

We hope you enjoy!